Regardless of what others say

Regardless of what others say

Racial tension are running high right now in America.

The other day I was slowly backing out of my parking spot after buying groceries at the store and some angry woman was upset at me for no reason. She kept honking her horn behind me and and as I calmly drove away, she finally yelled out her window, “Kiss my ass you white cracker!” I didn’t take offense at the racial slur or tried to retaliate in any way. I simply prayed for her. I laughed it off and thought, “How unhappy this woman must be!.” It didn’t make me upset or change my opinion of myself. I know who I am and that God loves me whether I’m black or white, green or blue.

Regardless of what others say about you, God loves you and that’s all that matters. Be yourself always. Stay focused on your goals. Choose to be happy.

– Luis Joseph Castle

Luis Joseph Castle_smLuis Joseph Castle is the founder and director of the Health, Healing & Faith Center. He is a certified counselor and life coach devoted to helping people change their lives for the better. CONTACT US for a complimentary 15-minute Meet and Greet Telephone Consultation.


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