The Power of Faith


Faith is the substance of things desired, the evidence of things not yet seen (Heb. 11:1). Faith enables the believer to believe-in (have complete trust and confidence) and expect spiritual realities to be manifest in the physical world we live in.

Through faith we understand that God created the universe by speaking the worlds into existence. In the beginning (billions of years ago), God said, “Let there be be light, and there was light, and God saw the light, that it was good (Gen. 1:1-4).

God also has given us the power of becoming co-creators with Him through the power of faith and the right use of our tongues. Combined with faith, we can also speak things into existence. Faith is the ability to first desire, then speak, what we cannot yet see but know with certainty, that will soon be manifest.

Conversely, we can also speak negative things into existence by having a negative mind and a negative mouth.

Watch what you think and what you speak. Are you using your faith and tongue to bring good into existence, or bad?

Luis Joseph Castle_sm– Luis Joseph Castle

“Life and death, good and bad things, are manifested in the power of the tongue.” – Proverbs 18:21

“Out of the same mouth can proceed blessing or cursing.” – James 3:10

“If anyone among you seems to be religious but controls not their negative tongue, they deceive themselves, for their religion is in vain.” – James 1:26

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